The Fall of Trump


A total solar eclipse occurs 21 August 2017; 18:26h GMT (Leo 28.53).  Light, according to Genesis, is significantly favourable: tellingly, it was made on the first day, and God saw that it was good.  Its counterpart is reflected in the malevolence associated with the loss of light, eg. the setting Sun signifying death.  Of the two lights, loss of the major light (Sun) is worse than loss of the lesser light (Moon); and total loss of light is worse than partial loss.  The total eclipse of the Sun is therefore the most serious loss of light, and it falls on Trump’s Asc (Leo 29.49) conjunct star Regulus (Leo 29).  As the most harmful of the occlusions of light it very likely signals major affliction for him.  Investigating the matter requires examining the progressions, profections and Return charts that accommodate the total solar eclipse, and, unsurprisingly, each shows that the misfortune the eclipse marks for Trump is indeed his fall from office.  If the end of his presidency is a drawn out affair it will begin in earnest around the time of the eclipse (late August – September 2017), otherwise this period will see the completed event.


Birth data: 14 June 1946; New York, NY (US); 10:54 h; Asc Leo 29.49


Donald Trump Radix

Some observations on the chart

US President and billionaire Donald J. Trump has royal star Regulus (Leo 29) on his Asc (Leo 29.49).  The two axes (Asc/Desc; MC/IC) are the back bone of the chart, and as they change degree every few minutes they are ‘peculiar’ to the native.  If Trump were born one minute later his Asc would be in Virgo not Leo.  Since the Asc largely informs the physical self, consider one of Trump’s more distinguishing physical features: his hair.  With the sign of Leo on the Asc this startling tonsorial achievement is clearly a manifestation of the Lion’s mane.  More importantly, Regulus bestows material success, so if the billionaire were born a few minutes earlier (or just a minute later) the chart would lose this feature that is a most apt descriptor of one of the more defining characteristics of his life.  Indeed Regulus is all the more relevant because as a royal star it leads to the throne; and as president Trump has already ascended to the US throne the royal star seems a most pertinent significator of his life.

The other axis, which has star Algol (Taurus 25.25) on the MC (Taurus 24.10), also suggests the accuracy of the chart.  Algol represents the head of Medusa, the only mortal of the monstrous trinity, the Gorgons.  Medusa was noted for her beauty, especially that of her hair which brought her to the attention of the god Poseidon who ravished her in Athene’s temple.  Outraged at this defiling of her sacred place, the goddess Athene changed Medusa’s hair into snakes causing all who looked upon her to turn to stone.  However, Medusa’s slayer, Perseus, was not ensnared by her; indeed, he was able to overpower her and sever her head by wisely looking only at her reflection on his polished shield to guide his sword.  Essentially the metamorphosis of Medusa and all those who gaze upon her, and her eventual decapitation is recognition that the commending of the material (mortal) by the desire nature (snakes) can harden the self against spiritual truth unless the desires are managed by the exercise of wisdom (Perseus).  Only this will ensure, in words borrowed from W. B. Yeats, that Soul clap its hands and sing.  Consider then Trump’s vast wealth and not least his interior decorating obsession with the ghastly style of Dictator Chic (matter of taste aside) which show him, in the language of Yeats, so sick with desire, so transfixed by the material, so irreversibly indurated by appetite that he does indeed appear mesmerized by Medusa.  Algol on this personal point of the birth chart therefore does give this chart credence as Trump’s birth chart.


Progressions June 2017

Progressed MC (Cancer 29.36) changes sign from Cancer to Leo.  This describes Trump himself coming under the spotlight (Sun, ruler of Leo, is lord Asc).  But as Trump is US president the spotlight is already on him.  However, if the Moon which rules Cancer is read as his image (discussed below), then the movement describes the focus moving away from his image and on to himself.  Since Trump lives for his image this movement could signal some upheaval.

The progressed lord Asc, Sun (Virgo 0.49) has just suffered a serious drop in dignity having moved from rulership in Leo to face in Virgo.  This signals a major downturn for Trump.  Indeed, on changing sign the Sun opposes the Part of Spirit (Pisces 1.32), which is also known as the Part of Kings because it is the Solar Part.  This places a powerful spotlight on his rule (Part of Kings) with the opposition hinting at misfortune.  Moreover, because it is the Solar Part it also can be read as a Super-Sun, and so the arrangement constructs an opposition of the lights which signifies an important time.  Evidently Trump as president is taking a major hit.

Progressed Moon (Leo 1.20) has also recently suffered serious drop in dignity having moved from rulership and face in Cancer to peregrine in Leo.  This is another downturn and it is felt emotionally.  And, in the course of the  year, as the Moon progresses through Leo it will conjunct progressed Saturn (Leo 2.44) and progressed Mercury (Leo 13) and eventually oppose by antiscion the radix Part of Resignation and Dismissal (Scorpio 18.20).  Reading Saturn as lord 7, his enemies, and Mercury his distortion of reality (discussed below) it is not too much of a surprise, especially from what the progressed Sun has already shown that the possibility of leaving office is brought into play (Part of Resignation and Dismissal).

Progressed Part of Fortune (Virgo 25) changes sign from Virgo to Libra ie exchanging rulership by Mercury to rulership by Venus.  Venus is lord MC, Trump’s public role, so the progressed Part of Fortune is signaling by its sign change that Trump’s presidency is under focus.  And if his presidency were to undergo change this would explain its highlighting.

Progressed Mercury (Leo 13.02) has recently entered term of lord MC, Venus, again signaling potential for change for Trump in his role as president.  Progressed Mercury also opposes by antiscion radix Part of Resignation and Dismissal (Scorpio 18.20).  The opposition is separating, but it still in play so once again the prospect of his term in office ending prematurely is highlighted.

Progressed Venus (Libra 16.24) conjuncts Jupiter (Libra 17.27).  Reading Venus as his presidency (lord MC) and Jupiter as the end of office (lord 5 Jupiter is turned lord 8 from the 10th) this is a very clear description of his presidency ending.

Progressed Asc (Libra 25.08) squares the radix MC (Taurus 24.10) highlighting office in terms of himself.  As this is separating by one degree it may have been relevant to last year’s presidential success.  But there is also the possibility it may refer to this year’s undermining of his presidency by himself.



Profected Asc will eventually fall on radix Mars (Leo 26.46) possibly highlighting strife.

Profected Mars leaves Cancer, the sign of its fall, and enters Leo, which improves its dignity.  This may signal Trump fired up.  What is significant, however, is that Mars opposes by antiscion Part of Resignation and Dismissal (Scorpio 18.20) putting the end of office in play.

Profected Jupiter on star Seginus (Libra 16.50) leaves Virgo the sign of its detriment and enters Libra.  Seginus is situated on the left shoulder of Bootes, the bear ward.  Arcas was lifted up and placed in the firmament as Bootes (to prevent the calamity of killing his mother on sacred ground).  So Seginus could describe a removal of some sort from a difficult situation.  With Jupiter improving greatly in dignity this could describe Trump getting out of a difficult situation with relative ease. However, since Trump is already at the top, and therefore there is no available hand to reach down and remove him safely from his predicament, Seginus could well be invalid.

Profected Moon improves in dignity on leaving Scorpio the sign of its fall and enters Sagittarius.  It will then oppose by antiscion Venus (Cancer 25.44) and Saturn (Cancer 23.48); conjunct powerful star of ending Antares (Sagittarius 9), the South Node (Sagittarius 20.48); and finally oppose by antiscion Mercury (Cancer 8.51) which it receives into its detriment.  The improvement in the Moon’s dignity is most favourable and could relate to a period of emotional well-being.  However, the misfortune of oppositions to his public role as president (lord MC, Venus), enemies (lord 7, Saturn) and most significantly for one living the pride of life, an encounter with the heart of the Scorpion (Antares) can only be devastating for him as president.  This period of devastation is sustained by the Moon falling on the restrictive South Node, and by its opposition to Mercury which is his distorted take on reality coming to the fore.

Profected Part of Fortune will conjunct by antiscion Part of Resignation and Dismissal (Scorpio 18.20) putting the end of office in play, and then oppose Mars (Leo 26.46) so again, as with the profected Asc, possibly highlighting strife.

Profected MC will oppose by antiscion Part of Kings (Pisces 1.32); oppose Part of Resignation and Dismissal (Scorpio 18.20); and conjunct by antiscion Mars (Leo 26.46).  The opposition to his rule (Part of Kings) puts his presidency in play in terms of misfortune (opposition); the opposition to the Part of Resignation and Dismissal put the end of his presidency in play, and again the role of Mars possibly highlighting strife.

Profected Sun will conjunct Algol (Taurus 25.25); conjunct by antiscion Venus (Cancer 26.44) and Saturn (Cancer 23.48); conjunct first class magnitude star of Mars nature Aldebaran (Gemini 9); conjunct the North Node (Gemini 20.48); conjunct by antiscion  Mercury (Cancer 8.52); and oppose Moon – opposition of the lights so a significant time.  The activation of Algol with Trump’s distinct lack of wisdom indicates the likelihood of him losing his head.  This does not bode well with the follow on highlighting of his public role as president (Lord MC, Venus), his enemies (Lord 7, Saturn) and some considerable strife (Aldebaran).  The Sun profecting onto the North Node highlights himself (Sun is radix lord Asc).  Again the highlighting of Mercury brings his peculiar distortion of reality into play, especially with the opposition to the Moon.  Moreover, the Sun Moon opposition constructs an opposition of the lights which signals and important time.

Profected Mercury will conjunct first class magnitude star of Mars nature, Aldebaran (Gemini 9), the North Node (Gemini 20.48), and itself by antiscion; oppose the Moon (Sagittarius 21.12); conjunct the Sun (Gemini 22.55); lose dignity on leaving Gemini the sign it rules; conjunct the Sun by antiscion; oppose the Moon by antiscion.  So strife is highlighted (Aldebaran) and very much coloured by Trump’s distinctive capacity to distort reality (distressed Mercury is highlighted by the expansive North Node and itself), especially when Mercury bodily and antisocially highlights the Moon that does it so much damage.  And this distortion of reality is brought home to Trump (Mercury bodily and antiscially conjunct Sun).  And his distortion of reality becomes very troublesome (Mercury dramatic loss of dignity).

Profected Saturn will plunge in dignity on entering Cancer the sign of its detriment; conjunct the Sun by antiscion; oppose the Moon (Sagittarius 21.12) by antiscion; conjunct Mercury (Cancer 8.51); conjunct the North Node(Gemini 20.48) by antiscion.  Trumps enemies will become troublesome (lord 7, Saturn dramatic loss of dignity) and prominent (expansive North Node) and afflict him (Sun), his distorted reality (Mercury) and his need to distort reality (Moon).

Profected Venus will conjunct the Sun by antiscion; oppose the Moon (Sagittarius 21.12) by antiscion; conjunct Mercury (Cancer 8.51); conjunct the North Node (Gemini 20.48) by antiscion; conjunct Saturn (Cancer 23.48).  So Trump (Sun), his distorted reality (Mercury) and his need to distort reality (Moon) are highlighted by his public role as president (lord MC is Venus) which itself is very much in the spotlight (North Node), especially since it brings his enemies to the fore (lord 7, Saturn).

. . . . . . . . . .

Donald Trump Solar Return 2017-18

Solar Return 2017-18 Asc Libra 14.19

The perfecting radix opposition of the Sun (Gemini 22.55) and Moon (Sagittarius 21.12) conjunct the nodal axis describes an impending (total) lunar eclipse.  The Moon, of course, is full of light, and, although under the earth, its splendid luminosity nonetheless makes it powerfully dominant.  And yet it confronts an implacable and all-consuming darkness.  Faced with this utter and imminent destruction of its light, the Moon experiences an urgent and extreme need to maintain the splendor of its magnificent culmination.  Because the Moon does not rule a specific house its prominent role would be representing the emotions, its natural signification.  Accordingly it would describe inflated emotions that have no adequate base e.g. Trump’s acute sensitive to the slightest possibility of criticism.  In addition, because the Moon’s refulgence is the reflected brilliance of the Sun, the significator not only of the ego but also of the self (Sun is radix lord Asc), it also relates to his image and so would describe a garish self-parade that celebrates an overestimated self e.g. Trump’s preoccupation with the grandiose self-image.

These desperate gestures of compensation by the Moon for its impending impoverishment by a ravenous and vitiating eclipse that will totally consume the light it mirrors from the Sun contribute in part to a narcissistic closure of extreme or total self-absorption, which perforce lacks the normal range of emotions that is founded on empathy.  There is no sense of a developed ‘self’ because the rules of reciprocity are not in play; rather, everything for Trump is an extension of himself feeding an unwarranted need for tribute from others.  Essentially Trump is disconnected from himself: he identifies with his image.  And this is neatly enforced by his capacity to distort reality to suit his own monolithic myth of greatness: Moon rules Mercury which it tightly opposes by antiscion and receives it into its detriment.  Any activation then by a return chart of this powerful and significant radix configuration of the dynamic of self and image will signify a time of potential great importance in the life of the native.

Certainly the Solar Return 2017-18 chart does show the self/image structure of tension that is central to the makeup of the native assaulted, such that the alignment of axes of the lights and the nodes, antiscially conjunct Mercury, with specific focus on the Sun and Mercury is set upon by the malefics: the lesser malefic, Mars (Cancer 6.02), falls on the antiscial conjunction of Sun and Mercury, with Mars perfecting an antiscial conjunction with Sun; and the greater malefic, retrograde Saturn (Sagittarius 24.37) on star cluster Aculeus (Sagittarius 24.50) in the sting of the Scorpion, opposes the radix antiscial conjunction of Sun and Mercury.  The involvement of the greater malefic Saturn, which more importantly is Solar Return turned lord 8 (8th from the 10th, lord 5), could describe the end of office (Saturn) for Trump (Sun) with the opposition itself underlining the misfortune this would entail.  And the perfecting antiscial conjunction with the Sun of the lesser malefic, Mars, significator of the potential for strife, and more specifically of Trump’s enemies (Solar Return lord 7), could describe difficulty for Trump, with the antiscion possibly hinting that this difficulty is hidden or indirect.  Specifically the highlightings describes a direct assault on Trump (Sun), and his politics of mendacity (beleaguered Mercury), by both his enemies and the end of office.  Indeed it seems his capacity for distorting reality informs the office he is about to leave: Solar Return Mercury (Gemini 13.29), which carries its radix condition, falls by antiscion on the Solar Return MC (Cancer 16.39).  These most serious assaults on Trump (Sun) and his politics (Mercury) would appear then to be perfect testimonies to his term in office ending prematurely.

That these assaults also involves his phantom image of superiority and omnipotence is entirely understandable because the development of his image is inversely proportional to the depreciation of his self (Sun); but it is also entirely appropriate because the image informs the role of the Scorpion which comes as a package with Saturn.  The Scorpion, of course, is not a feature of the radix but it does seem relevant to Trump’s behaviour and status, especially his reckless disregard for the truth to suit his self-perceived worth and prowess.  The story of the Scorpion describes how the mighty Orion’s self-glorification in his prowess as a hunter that resulted from the power hunting gave him over all the beasts of the earth, prompted Mother Earth to summon the Scorpion to sting him to death as a reminder of, not just the mutability of the sub-lunar state, but particularly the foolish overlooking of its cycle of decline and resurgence that exceptional elevation encourages.   And certainly as one of the most powerful political leaders in the world, US president Trump does express something of an Orion-like ‘I can bully you all’ arrogance of office.  Indeed, it is central to the image of omnipotence that he so vigorously and vigilantly enforces.  Witness his outrageous and brazen insistence to ban travel from six majority-Muslim countries; build a Mexico-US border wall at Mexico’s expense; repeal Obamacare; accuse GCHQ repeatedly and without foundation of wiretapping his communications; and use verbal mayhem that characterizes his notorious Trumpspeak to inflate himself and render himself unaccountable.  But what is perhaps most interesting of all is his vainglorious demeanor, e.g. the New York Times reporting on Trump’s inaugural speech described him as “Vainglorious on a podium where other presidents have presented themselves as fellow citizens, preening where they have been humble . . .”.  Accordingly the Orion-like Trump would be an appropriate recipient of the sting of the Scorpion (Aculeus) that fittingly assaults him (lord Asc, Sun) by means of the end of office (Saturn).

And the Solar Return chart already alerts us to the likelihood of the end of office for president Trump with radix and turned lord 8 (radix lord 5), Solar Return Jupiter (Libra 13.14), clamoring for attention by conjuncting the Solar Return Asc (Libra 14.19).  Indeed, it shows the issue of the end of office pressing down on the president (Asc).  This issue is all the more a cause for concern for Trump because Jupiter is on star Algorab (Libra 12.40) in the constellation of the Crow who failed to complete his mission.  Algorab is not a feature of the radix but it seems appropriate that the significator of Trump’s end of office, which is under the spotlight long before his term in office expires, should be additionally coloured by this particular star.  And as if to press home the significance of this highlighting of Jupiter on Algorab, the Natal Arc Part of Fortune when cast into the Solar Return chart falls at Aries 12.35 which opposes Solar Return Jupiter.  Clearly the significator of the end of office, turned lord 8, Jupiter, is a significant factor in the period governed by the 2017/18 Solar Return chart.

In fact the significance of this Jupiter issue is further underlined by the (radix) Part of Spirit (Pisces 1.32).  This is also known as the Part of Kings because it is the solar part; and when its Natal Arc is cast into the Solar Return chart it falls at Aries 16.02 from where it boomerangs on to the radix to oppose radix turned lord 8 (lord 5), Jupiter in station (Libra 17.27).  This is most unfortunate for Trump as it shows his rule (Part of Kings) informed by the end of office with the misfortune it entails underlined by the opposition.

It would be even more informative if we could consider Solar Return Moon (Aquarius 9.34) conjunct by antiscion the (radix) Part of Resignation and Dismissal (Scorpio 18.20); and the Natal Arc Part of Resignation and Dismissal falling in the Solar Return chart at Capricorn 2.40 and then falling back on to the radix where it conjuncts by antiscion on the 5th cusp (Sagittarius 29.11) highlighting the end of office.  But unfortunately the degree of separation in both these arrangements is just that bit too distant to convincingly consider them relevant.

As a stand-alone chart, but also in referencing the radix, the 2017-18 Solar Return map alerts us to the potential of Trump’s term in office ending in the period it governs long before his term officially expires, by the strategic placement of the significator of his end of office that tellingly is itself stamped with the mark of an unfinished assignment (Solar Return and radix turned lord 8, Jupiter, on Algorab, conjuncts the Asc).  Indeed, the significance of this curtailment of his term in office is underlined both by its weighty highlighting from the radix (Natal Arc Part of Fortune opposes Solar Return Jupiter on Algorab), and more compellingly by the highlighting of his rule by the radix significator of the end of office itself (Natal Arc Part of Kings falls in the Solar Return chart to oppose radix turned lord 8, lord 5, Jupiter).

The significant likelihood of this premature ending of Trump’s term in office is pressed home further by the specific highlighting of Trump himself by the end of office, and in terms that are both brutal and unfortunate (Solar Return turned lord 8, Saturn on star Aculus opposes radix lord Asc Sun).  This affliction of Trump is neatly supported by the assault on him from his enemies (lord Desc, Solar Return Mars, perfects antiscial conjunction with Sun), with the potential for strife itself highlighted by Solar Return North Node (Leo 26.02) falling on radix Mars in its natural role as the lesser malefic (Leo 26.46).

The significance of this premature end of office as a momentous event in the life of Trump is underscored by the highlightings from Solar Return Saturn and Mars which bring into play the powerful radix alignment of the axes of lights and nodes conjunct Mercury.  Moreover, reading Mercury as his compulsion to distort facts to feed his image (radix Mercury is ruled by the Moon which tightly opposes it and receives it into its detriment), its highlighting in the Solar Return chart appropriately hints it may inform the ending of his term in office that so dominates the chart (Solar Return Mercury conjuncts by antiscion the Solar Return MC).

. . . . . . . . . .

Donald Trump Lunar Return 3 August 2017

Lunar Return 3rd August 2017 Asc Cancer 2.43

The Lunar Return chart that governs the period of the solar eclipse has Venus (Cancer 3.04) tightly conjuncts the Asc (Cancer 2.43) drawing attention to the likelihood of Venus as an important factor.  Taking Venus as the end of office (8th from the MC) would be good reason why the chart wants it flagged up.  And examination of the Lunar Return chart confirms that end of office is indeed the issue of the Return chart.

Consider then the Asc/Desc axis (Cancer/Capricorn 2.43) falling by antiscion on the radix 11/5th cusp axis (Gemini/Sagittarius 29.11).  It does not matter which way round the axes align, the Asc falling on the turned 8th cusp (radical 5th) shows the end of office (8th cusp) is in play, and highlighted appropriately by Trump himself (Asc).  This is significant testimony to the end of office for Trump.

Further development of the issue, and along a similar line, is provided by the arc of the radix Part of Fortune, which cast into the Lunar Return chart, falls at Capricorn 0.59 which boomerangs on to radix to conjunct by antiscion the turned 8th cusp from the 10th (radix 5th cusp, Sagittarius 29.11).  This involved yet neat positioning of the radix and Lunar Return charts certainly pinpoints the end of office for Trump.

And the issue is again underscored by Lunar Return Jupiter (Libra 17.18) tightly conjunct radix Jupiter (Libra 17.27).  Reading radix Jupiter as turned lord 8, signifying the end of office (8th for the 10th), a signification Return Jupiter also holds because it can always carry its radix reference, the Jupiter on Jupiter neatly emphasies the end of Trump’s presidency.

But perhaps the neatest testimony is provided by the antiscial opposition of the Lunar Return Sun (Leo 11.08) and the radix Part of Resignation and Dismissal (Scorpio 18.20).  Reading the Sun as radix lord Asc, its highlighting by the radix Part of Resignation and Dismissal is neat and powerful testimony to Trump’s dismissal from office, with the misfortune this entails underlined by the opposition.

Lunar Return retrograde Saturn (Sagittarius 21.34) perfects a tight conjunction with radix Moon (Sagittarius 21.12).  The radix Moon is primarily both the emotional self and the grandiose self-image (it rules no houses), but in this instance it is also coloured by its role as Lunar Return lord Asc, signifying Trump himself.  If Saturn is read as his enemies (Saturn is radix and Lunar Return lord Desc) this arrangement very likely describes Trump, and specifically in the role of his grandiose self-image that both needs and generates the misrepresentation of reality (radix Mercury is ruled by the Moon which tightly opposes it and receives it into its detriment), embroiled with his enemies.  Since the grandiose self-image at its most grandiose is his substantial achievement as US President which he was driven to achieve by his narcissistic and exploitative need for recognition, celebration and acclaim and which, moreover, is fed by falsehood, it is unsurprising that Trump as president finds himself beset with trouble from his enemies.

It is clear that the Lunar Return provides ample and congruent testimony to Trump’s dismissal from office, the most important of which is the Lunar Return Sun, which carries it radix meaning as lord Asc, opposed antiscially by the radix Part of Resignation and Dismissal bringing the end of office directly to bear on Trump, and with misfortune for good measure.  Significant supporting testimony is provided by the Asc/Desc axis falling by antiscion on the radix 11/5th cusp axis, showing the end of office appropriately in play by Trump himself (Asc).  And the testimony of the arc of the radix Part of Fortune falling back on to the radix to conjunct by antiscion the turned 8th cusp from the 10th is equally powerful in showing the end of office in play.  In such circumstance then the assault on the radix Moon by Saturn, which is essentially Trump himself assaulted by his enemies (Moon is Lunar Return lord Asc), is fitting testimony to the strife and difficulty Trump would find himself in with his office ending prematurely.

. . . . . . . . . .

Donald Trump Solar Lunar Return 7 August 2017

Solar Lunar Return 7th August 2017 Asc Cancer 6.26

The Solar Lunar Return chart flags up Trump’ public role as president, or, more specifically, the end of his presidency as an issue for the period governed by this return chart: Solar Lunar Return Venus (Cancer 7.43) conjuncts the Solar Lunar Return Asc (Cancer 6.26), where Venus is both radix lord MC and lord of Lunar Return turned 8th from the 10th, the Lunar Return 5th.  The negative perspective on his presidency is hinted at by Venus opposed by antiscion Solar Lunar Return Saturn (Sagittarius 21.26), with the opposition, of course, falling on the Solar Lunar Return Asc/Desc axis.  Reading Saturn as his open enemies (radix and Lunar Return lord 7), and Venus as his public role as president, the arrangement clearly shows Trump’s presidency under assault from his enemies, with the inclusion of the axis powerfully highlighting the significance of the assault.  Similarly, the Natal Arc Part of Kings, which falls in the Solar Lunar Return chart at Capricorn 9.53, conjuncts Saturn by antiscion, and therefore also shows his rule under assault from his enemies.  But more importantly, the Natal Arc Part of Kings opposes Venus as lord of Lunar Return turned 8th from the 10th, the Lunar Return 5th, which clearly shows the end of his office.  And again since both the conjunction and opposition with the Natal Arc Part fall on the Asc/Desc axis the significance of each is emphasised.

Indeed, the importance of these various assaults on: Venus from Saturn, and the Natal Arc Part of Kings from both Saturn and Venus, which are highlighted by the Solar Lunar Return Asc/Desc axis, takes on momentous significance by falling in the radix chart on the antiscial conjunction of Sun (Gemini 22.55) and Mercury (Cancer 8.51) opposed Moon (Sagittarius 21.12) on the North/South node axis (Gemini/Sagittarius 20.48).  Essentially the end of office that is highlighted for the Solar Lunar Return period is powerfully anchored to Trump (Sun is radix lord Asc) and is informed by his image of grandiosity (Moon) and its destructive need to distort reality (Moon rules Mercury and receives it into its detriment, with the reception underlined by their tight antiscial opposition).   Moreover, because the Part of Kings is the Solar Part it also can be read as a Super-Sun, and so by falling on the radix axis of the lights the arrangement constructs a conjunction and opposition of the lights which doubly signifies an important time, thereby once again underlining the significance of these testimonies to the particular upheaval they signify in Trump’s life.

Returning back to the return chart these highlightings of the end of Trump’s office, the assault on his office from his enemies, and the assault on, and, indeed, the end of his presidential rule, all of which are powerfully informed by the radix, are neatly developed by Solar Lunar Return Jupiter (Libra 17.53) conjunct by antiscion the Solar Lunar Return MC (Pisces 14.02), where Jupiter carries its signification from the radix as turned lord 8 (radical 5th).  Clearly the Solar Lunar Return chart is putting the end of office firmly in play for Trump.

This highlighting of the end of office is reinforced by Solar Lunar Return Mars (Leo 11.25) opposing by antiscion the radix Part of Resignation and Dismissal (Scorpio 18.20).  Moreover, the natal arc Part of Resignation and Dismissal falls in the Solar Lunar Return chart at Virgo 24.57 which conjuncts star Labrum (Virgo 25.30) denoting destiny.  Labrum is not a factor of the radix so its relevance is debatable.  However, because leaving high office before completing the term is a major development in the life of the native this highlighting of the idea of destiny by a relevant and powerful factor would seem pertinent.  Accordingly Labrum underscores Trumps impending dismissal from office.

And once again Trump’s audacious disregard for the truth is in play: Mercury is entering primary station where it is motionless; and since a planet without speed is a planet without power, Mercury’s debilitated condition signals that his already weak grasp on reality is becoming even more troublesome.  Indeed both Mercury’s perfecting square with Venus, and its antiscial opposition with Jupiter emphasise it has a role in informing his office (Venus is radix lord MC) and indeed the end of his office (Jupiter is radix lord 5, turned lord 8).

The opposition of Venus as radix lord 10 and Saturn as radix and return lord 7 describes Trump’s public role as president under attack from his enemies.  This is also shown by the Natal Arc Part of Kings antisically conjunct Saturn where the Part of Kings describes his rule.  And Venus as return turned lord 8 (return lord 5), signifying the end of office, opposing the Natal Arc Part of Kings, describes his presidency ending, and thereby explains the assaults on his office and his public role as president.  And not only is all of this emphasised by falling on the return Asc/Desc axis but it is particularly emphasised by falling on the powerful radix alignment of the axes of lights and nodes conjunct Mercury, where the Sun as radix lord Asc signifying Trump himself, and the Moon as his capacity to misrepresent reality fixes the matter firmly to the core that is Trump himself and his destructive behaviour.  And when it is considered that the Part of Kings can be read as a SuperSun its conjuncting the Moon and opposing the Sun describe a significant time by its constructing a conjunction and opposition of the lights.  The highlighting of radix Mercury is also important because Return Mercury is about to turn retrograde and perfect a square with Venus.  Reading Venus as radix lord MC this shows his distortion of reality becoming troublesome and informing his public role as president.  Also return Mercury antiscially opposes return Jupiter.  Reading Jupiter as the radix turned lord 8 (radical 5th) this opposition describes Trump’s distortion of reality informing the end of his office.  The highlighting of the radix Part of Resignation and Dismissal by return Mars and the Natal Arc Part of Resignation and Dismissal falling on star of destiny, Labrum, neatly clinch the issue of Trump’s presidency ending.